Quaker Haven Camp

is located at County Road 500 E and 900 N between North Webster and Syracuse, IN, on the southeastern shoreline of Dewart Lake. Dewart Lake is one of Indiana’s cleanest glacier lakes covering 550 surface acres.  QHC consists of 160 acres of camp, woodlands, and tillable farm ground.
Through nature and the freedom of relaxation and retreat, Quaker Haven Camp encourages people to develop a closer relationship with God, to acquaint them with Jesus Christ, and to help them grow in their faith.
Quaker Haven, a year-round camp and retreat center, includes both indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities, summer youth camps, QH-sponsored retreat events, and programming helps for groups who plan their own retreats.   Food Service options include: all-you-can-eat buffet meals, cookouts, and banquets.  We exist to meet the ever-changing needs of churches, families, and guests.

Upcoming Events and Fundraiser’s


Lumber Jack Day-Nov. 1

Madrigal Dinners- December 5 & 12 at 7 pm and December 6,7, & 13 at 2 pm

Laundry Soap Fundraiser



New Maintenance Building

Quaker Haven has long needed a larger, more functional, better situated maintenance facility.  God provided the opportunity to purchase this adjacent property shortly after the QH Board of Directors planned the building of a similar design.  This answer to prayer will fill this need immediately as well as save thousands of ministry dollars.  The total purchase price is $135,000.  We are seeking help initially to raise $50,000 this fall as a down-payment.

Advantages Include
*Heated indoor space to work in any weather
*Consolidate supplies, equipment, and tools in one place
*Free up the lakefront pavilion for programs and guest use
*Location reduces risk and improves appearance of camp
*4 1/2 acres property






















Indiana Yearly Meeting

Western Yearly Meeting