Quilting Retreat September 14-17

Come and join us at beautiful Quaker Haven Camp for a weekend of quilting, eating, quilting, laughing, quilting, crafting...and quilting!


Thursday:  This day was added for you to do as you wish. Food and lodging at your own expense.

Friday:  Arrive at Quaker Haven any time.  6:00pm –Supper in Friendship Lodge  8:00pm –Grab & Brag! 

Saturday: 8:00am –Breakfast  9:00-ish—Gift exchange 12:00pm –Lunch 5:30pm –Dinner 

Sunday:  8:00am –Breakfast  10:00am –Worship at Dewart Lake Friends (optional)  12:00pm –Lunch  

Lots of quilting and crafting time every day! Stay and sew as long as you want to on Sunday.

What to Bring:  Bedding, towels, pillows, toiletries. Sewing and quilting supplies as needed for your projects. Extension cord, power strip, and extra lighting if you need it.  Your lovely works of art, for Grab & Brag (a.k.a, Show & Tell).  *A wrapped gift worth about $15 for the gift drawing. (You can make the gift if you want!)  5” charm squares for the Charmed Fabric Exchange*

*Please note: Participation in the gift drawing and charm square exchange is optional. Lots of fun!! --but optional.

For additional information, contact Quaker Haven Camp at contact@quakerhaven.com or 574-834-4193. 

Registrations can be downloaded by clicking here: ​Quilting Registration